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The 10th Chessmates tournament

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Chessmates International

   ChessMates is a Monaco based association that promotes international youth chess tournaments for teams. The current active members of Chess Mates are organisations from Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Paris, Monaco, Sachsen- Anhalt (Germany), Ireland, and Estonia. 

   By signing the ChessMates Charter, members commit to organize, in a historic or cultural place, a tournament at least once every 4 years with the automatic participation of the ChessMates members, supplemented by other national or regional teams. This way, our members ensure that in the years to come there will always be a great international platform for talented young chess players from our respective 

regions, cities and countries. 

    The signing of the Charter is a key step in our collaboration. We are not a closed organization and in the future other teams may join us. Our international cooperation will not only give a strong boost to international youth chess but also enhance cross-cultural and linguistic exchanges and team spirit and, through such exchanges, help constructing a better and less polarized world for the future generations.

We are all ChessMates!


Signature of the charter


The signing of the charter took place on March 29, 2019 at the Hôtel de Lauzun in Paris, in the presence of representatives from various embassies and cities.

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Our engagement

  1. The purpose of ChessMates™ is to put team chess competition at the service of youth in order to promote the development of youth chess competition at an international level and the friendship between young chess players from different cultures and nationalities.

  2. ChessMates™ is a non-profit organization.

  3. Will mainly be selected young talented players, passionate, who play for the love of the game but who do not necessarily seek to make chess their profession.

  4. The competitions are only by team and will take place, except exemption, in the cities or the regions of the ChessMates™ teams. Each team will be composed of 10 (ten) players, two per category U12, U14, U16, U18 and U20.

  5. In each team there will be at least one girl and one boy.

  6. Members of the ChessMates™ family will use reasonable efforts to promote the ChessMates™ brand.

  7. Members of the ChessMates™ family will use reasonable efforts to hold a ChessMates™ tournament every four years.

  8. Membership of the ChessMates™ family is granted in the form of a non-exclusive, revocable and free license and gives the right to use the ChessMates™ brand as well as the ChessMates™ Logo for the benefit of the ChessMates™ team and of its members to obtain subsidies and to find sponsors.

  9. ChessMates™ active members are automatically invited to ChessMates™ tournaments.

  10. Belonging to the ChessMates™ family requires compliance with these fundamental principles.

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