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International Chessmates

Every year, Chessmates International brings together its members to participate in a chess competition around the world.

We present here the different editions.

Chessmates #1

Soon here !

Chessmates #2

Soon here !

Chessmates #3

Soon here !


Chessmates #5

from March 13 to 15, 2020

The 5th edition of the international Chessmates meeting took place at

Congress Hotel Meridian in Murmansk.

Chessmates #6

from October 8 to 10, 2021

The 6th edition of the international ChessMates meetings took place in the sumptuous Novotel hotel in Monte Carlo.

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Chessmates #7

from 07 to 09 October 2022 ChessMates International will present the 7th edition of Chess Mates International in Magdeburg, Germany.

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Chessmates #8

from 03 to 05 March 2023

Chessmates International will present the 8th edition of the Chessmates tournament in Navan, Ireland.

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